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What is that simple sandals ...

Probably one of the oldest tools invented by humans.
Humanity knew that protecting the soles would bring a huge advantage in various environments.

In 2003, Barefoot Ted was working on a seemingly simple mission ...

I want to know how to run without pain. That simple thought led him to the entrance to a certain world. The world is a world that explore "natural running form", "selected footwear", and "evolution of running movements".

On the way, he rediscovered. "We humans have amazing abilities, and their born body, just functioning well."

In the history of human culture, he pursued this simple sandal as he explored the selected footwear. As a footwear option for various cultures from the past to the present ...

Born to run: Born to run

Interesting in pursuit of the world of "operation", "running" and "simple footwear" will lead him to a man named Coralo Blanco, leading him to a coopper canyon in Mexico in 2006. Became. This is the story of Born to Run, the bestseller written by Christopher McDugal. If you've read it, you'll know Ted's story well.

With the legendary Thamara tribe ...

To run a 50 -mile ultra marathon, he headed to Copper Canyon in the background of Mexico. Ted meets Manuel Luna.

The manuel handmade Walachi sandals (sandals made of old tires), which are long -awaited to the area, for Ted. At that time, the idea of ​​Luna sandals was born, and as you know.

After the Ultra Marathon at the 2006 Copper Canyon ...

Ted was immersed in sandals and experimented. In 2007, he returned to the Copper Canyon with his own Walachi sandals and ran the Ultra Marathon. He was crazy. And I realized what I really wanted to share with the people of the world.

In the beginning of 2010 ...

It was full of requests for "simple sandals" developed and produced in the garage. In March 2010, he meets two young brothers who are in a tightrope at Seattle's volunteer park, like fate. Scott and booky. They already knew who was Ted, and he was running sandals with tires. They quickly knew and had a business plan for Luna sandals.

The end of 2010 ...

In a Capital Hill in Seattle, a struggling adventure began to develop sandals. And the business of Luna sandals is expanding.

Fast forward to 2019 ...

The workplace has moved to a three -block location north of the Seattle symbol, Space Needle. The Luna team grew with 19 employees, and the products and processes were greatly expanded.

Ted and Rib are still running Luna sandals with talented people.

Come on, let's run on LUNA!

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