Venado 2.0 (Benard)

Venado 2.0 (Benard)

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Lightweight, minimal, flexible

Venado2.0 is the basic and thin sole model in the LUNA SANDALS series.

The Luna Sandal Benard model is a form that has arrived after studying efficient running that is hard to get injured in order to protect runners from "running disorders".
Venado2.0 can run in the same way as when you run in "barefoot", and tells you how to run as a sign for footsteps and muscle fatigue, so "sandals that teach you how to run". It is even described. If you are not satisfied with your running form, or if you are not injured by running, ask your feet and how to run.


● Weight: 125g (US9)
● Thickness: 9mm
● Sole: Waterproof Non-Marking Vibram® MORFLEX SOLE
● Foot bed: MGT (Monkey Grip Technology) Foot Bed

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