Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Stride Corporation
Management manager
post code
Tokyo Tama City Ichinomiya 2-19-1 Careundo La II 1F
Selling price
It is described for each product. Consumption tax is used for a total display.
Necessary rates other than the product price
  • Free shipping (5,500 yen (tax included) or more)
  • Cash on delivery fee for cash on delivery
    Shipping / cash on delivery fee is "About delivery method · shipping"Please confirm.
Application expiration date
If the cash on delivery product can not confirm your payment within 2 weeks from your order, it is considered canceled and you will cancel your order.
Sales volume
Sold the stock of our products.
We will contact you if there is no stock after ordering.
Delivery time and delivery time of goods
We will ship on 1-3 business days for products with stock.
We will contact you if there is no stock after ordering.
※ Delivery work is Saturday, Sun, public holidays, long-term holidays (Obon, New Year, GW, etc.) is closed. Please note.
Payment method
  • Credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB, American Express, DINERS CLUB)
  • Cash on delivery
Payment deadline
  • Credit Card: At the time of product shipping
    ※ If you can not obtain the approval of the settlement, you will cancel your order and contact you. Change the payment method and card and order again.
  • Cash on delivery: When receiving a product
    Please pay the product price, shipping and delivery fee to the delivery staff. In the case of a credit card, it conforms to the deadline of the card company.
Return deadline
If the delivered product is a defective product or if a product different from your order is delivered, we will respond by return / exchange of goods. If the product can not be arranged, it will be refundable. Please contact me within 10 days after the product arrives. Changes or images of size colors are different, etc. In that case, please do the return procedure and order the product you want again. If any of the following corresponds, I can not accept returned goods.

  • If there is an evidence that has already been used for the product. (Includes goods with scratches and dirt at the time of trial arrival)
  • If you have scratched and dirt on the product at your hand (such as a crushing, damage to the cropping box, the direct letter directly to the product accessories, etc.)
  • If the bar code is listed, the cosmetic box, and other product accessories, etc. are insufficient and damaged
  • When 10 days after arrival of goods
  • In the case of products purchased at stores other than our company
  • In addition to the above, if we decide reasonably returned goods rationally
  • With regard to outlet category products, we can not accept returned goods for customer convenience. Please note.
Return shipping
  • In the case of customer convenience: After contacting, please send the shipping fee to the designated address.
  • For defective products: After contacting, please send it to the designated address.
※ Limited to shipping methods with guarantees such as courier service and mail.
※ It can not be accepted if it is sent out by non-fixed form.
telephone number
050-3183-0426 (Stride LAB Customer Support)

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