LUNA Sandals -unhalf Drawing Sweat Long Sleeve- Luna Logo

LUNA Sandals -unhalf Drawing Sweat Long Sleeve- Luna Logo

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UNHALF Drawing creates a sweat with a Bring recycled polyester that creates clothes from clothes. Design with the LUNA logo bigger this time in the sweat. It is limited.
This recycled polyester is made by recovering old wear and chemically degraded regenerated raw materials. It is a product that circulates the resource and circulates the environment where you make clothes from clothes.
Also, polyester is a sweat who wants to wear with a touch wrapped in a cotton texture and a towel.
And it looks a bit thicker in the cotton, but because it is excellent in water absorption quick drying, it can be worn during exercise such as chilly day running and hiking.

[Size] XS, S, M, T (M-TALL), L
Length 59.5 / Width 53 / Yuki 76 cm
Length 61.5 / Width 56 / Yuki 78.5 cm
Length 63.5 / Width 59 / Yuki 81 cm
Length 66.5 / Width 59 / Yuki 83.5 cm
Length 71.5 / Width 63 / Yuki 87 cm

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